Another retro style loop. Inspired by that amazing song by HOME. Feel free to download, re-edit and repost all you want. Just credit me if you do – put something like ‘artwork by @visualdon’ and link to back to my instagram – DOWNLOAD LINKS BELOW:

Song: HOME – Resonance –


Click to read the licencing terms.

I give away my visuals on a general ‘Creative Commons Licence’ You are free to:

  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material

Under the following terms:

  • Attribution — You must give me credit. Something like ‘visuals by @visualdon’ and link to my instagram –
  • No Reselling —  You may not re-sell the visuals. You may however use the visuals in a project that you get paid for (e.g, you edit a music video for someone using the visuals or maybe you play them at a live show or monetize a YouTube video, thats totally fine!
  • Companies / Organisations / Studiosmust buy the licence from my video-hive page instead.


  1. Hey man! I was wondering if there are any ways to set these cool animations as a wallpaper on my phone? I have found the “Portrait version” but it doesn’t really work, I still don’t have access to set it as a wallpaper on my mobile.

  2. Hey, just came across your work from the youtube channel “Daily Dose Of Internet”. I absolutely love your aesthetic! I would love to see more HD stills from some of your previous stuff and your future work. Keep it up!

    • Hey man, I absolutley love your work.I i wanted to set the scene as my desktop backgroud. Could you please provide a full rez gif download, as i am not experieced enough to cutt it out and loop it myself.
      Keep up the great work its amazing !

  3. Hello, I was hoping to download “The Drive” in a RAW or original form to do a large print and frame it. Do you have links to larger resolution or original files? Or do you sell them?

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