Another retro style loop. Inspired by that amazing song by HOME. Feel free to download, re-edit and repost all you want. Just credit me if you do – put something like ‘artwork by @visualdon’ and link to back to my instagram – DOWNLOAD LINKS BELOW:

Song: HOME – Resonance –


Click to read the licencing terms.

I give away my visuals on a general ‘Creative Commons Licence’ You are free to:

  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material

Under the following terms:

  • Attribution — You must give me credit. Something like ‘visuals by @visualdon’ and link to my instagram –
  • No Reselling —  You may not re-sell the visuals. You may however use the visuals in a project that you get paid for (e.g, you edit a music video for someone using the visuals or maybe you play them at a live show or monetize a YouTube video, thats totally fine!
  • Companies / Organisations / Studiosmust buy the licence from my video-hive page instead.
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  1. Hey man! I was wondering if there are any ways to set these cool animations as a wallpaper on my phone? I have found the “Portrait version” but it doesn’t really work, I still don’t have access to set it as a wallpaper on my mobile.

  2. Hey, just came across your work from the youtube channel “Daily Dose Of Internet”. I absolutely love your aesthetic! I would love to see more HD stills from some of your previous stuff and your future work. Keep it up!

    • Hey man, I absolutley love your work.I i wanted to set the scene as my desktop backgroud. Could you please provide a full rez gif download, as i am not experieced enough to cutt it out and loop it myself.
      Keep up the great work its amazing !

  3. Hello, I was hoping to download “The Drive” in a RAW or original form to do a large print and frame it. Do you have links to larger resolution or original files? Or do you sell them?

  4. Guy, your work is excellent.

    I just downloaded this video for making it my live wallpaper on portrait mode. I’d be cool if you could set other loops in portrait mode. I’d be so greatful with you… Especially Interstellar art work, that’s an amazing loop for setting it as my wallpaper on my phone

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