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This website and all of its images and videos are protected by copyright. Reproducing or distributing part of them in any form or manner is not allowed. They may not be published without prior permission from Visualdon.


Licencing, monetization & Content ID On Youtube


Airbit Distribution Ltd manages all videos & artwork by Visualdon on Youtube. If you upload a video containing the visuals & artwork, it will be claimed by Airbit Distribution Ltd, and your video will be monetized with ads.


Exceptions will only be made in the case of fair usage as it’s typically understood/defined by YouTube and regular copyright laws. Exceptions will also be made if you have acquired a license to use the visuals directly from Visualdon.


Disputes will be handled on a case by case by case basis. Please forward all copyright inquiries to the following email:


Disputes & Acquiring a licensevisit the contact page here & select the copyright inquiry option on your message.


Due to the large volume of inquiries that we have to deal with, please make your email as clear and detailed as possible.