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  1. Hi Visualdon

    love your work! so many beautiful visuals!!!!!
    i used one of your videos for a video i did.
    I am VX52 ‘visual experience’, which is a personal project, non-profit, for educational and entertainment purposes.

    i used the ‘eternal light – ocean version’ for 10 seconds. from 00:21 to 00:31.

    here’s the link to the video:

    Hope you enjoy it, and of course, hope you enjoy the artist music as well.


  2. Hi Visualdon

    your work is so inspiring and amazing! I have used this animation for my music set and it landed perfectly. Hopefully soon will make my own animation with the things I will learn through your online course.
    Link to YT set with your visual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVpOLaYDgxQ&t=2697s (small edit was from my side. Hope that’s OK! )

    Thank you!

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