I have made 3 of my classes free to watch, starting today, though this weekend only!


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  2. Log into your new account.
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Cinema 4D Beginner Class - Premium Membership Only.

New users, get 2 weeks free premium.

Sign up using my link and get 2 weeks free premium membership. No commitment, cancel anytime. Its a great way to support my work and get access to the rest of classes including the latest class which is made for absolute beginners.

The Ultimate Cinema 4D Guide for Beginners.

The class is for everyone and anyone that wants to learn how to use Cinema 4D. If you have never opened Cinema 4D before, or any other type of 3D application – you will be able to watch and follow along with everything in this class.

I will be sharing several tip & tricks to help you use Cinema 4D the right way, develop a fast and efficient workflow and several techniques that I have discovered during my own experience with Cinema 4D over the last 10 years. So even if you have some experience in Cinema 4D, there will be a lot of new things that you can pick up from watching this class.

This roughly 8-hour long class split is organised into 2 general sections. Section 1 covers various topics and tools in Cinema 4D. Section 2 is about developing workflows and working on real projects as examples. Watch the whole thing and by the end of it you will be able to open Cinema 4D and start creating your own animation today!

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  1. Hi VisualDon!

    I love your movies, the train in space and the marble hallway or palace in space are also very cool.

    How could I make that or use your video as a movie clip?

    Kind regards,

    Sander Epema

  2. hey Don I would like ro send you a music video I made based on what you’ve taught me in the class its my first time doing it in c4d im a fter effect head..lol

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