You can edit & repost anywhere you want – as long as you credit me

If you post to Instagram, put ‘artwork by @visualdon’ on the post.

If you post to YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch etc,  you can put ” artwork by @visualdon –

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What you can do:

What you can’t do:

  • No Reselling/Redistributing —  You may not re-sell or re-distribute the visuals in any form. But you may use them in your own projects like music video edits or live shows.

If you are still not sure, email me on

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  1. Amazing work ! I also appreciate your pic ! Thanks for your generosity ! I don t know if I will use your animations yet but I like the idea of sharing and of of course I will credit you !

  2. Hey Don!
    I wrote you on your business Email, regarding on your assets used in some videos. I’m trying to learn how to make the visuals that you make game-ready and interactive. Just wanted to know if you didn’t read the mail or you’re just not interested in it. Both is fine. Thanks nevertheless!

  3. You are just the BEST! This craft of yours inspired me so much. Wish I had this gift and even crafted to this point. I promise to pay when using professionaly. For now I’m only studying this option of a career.

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